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Жанры :    black metal   avant-garde metal   avant-garde black metal   symphonic black metal   avant-garde


Текст песни DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE - Ravenclaw

Under Banners of Baalzathorn We Ride Towards the DawnHold your Steel Close to Hand and Say Farewell to your MotherlandInto the Horizonlines Spears so Sharp in Daylight ShinesAttack the Realms Unknown Hordes of Brave Men fully GrownWith Winds from our Northstar Striking Shores oh so FarAcross the Sea and Land in Armour Proud We Stand( )
As Northern Gods Weґre BornBeautiful Woman They Us MournBaptised in Fire and IceSworn to Face the Strangers LiesSailing the Ocean Black and BlueWeґll Show the World what is TrueWhen the Night Comes DownAnother Land...Another Crown...Striking Upon the Hillsides

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