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фотография INVOCATOR

Название :

For A While

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    thrash metal   technical thrash metal   metal   thrash   danish

Видео: INVOCATOR - For A While  

Текст песни INVOCATOR - For A While

losing power hatinggaining power loving gainingpower lovinglosing power hatinglove is what makes us allkeep carrying on what( )
frees us from all oursorrows later on it throwseverything backto you and builds up yourhate for tomorrowhere today gone tomorrowyou heal the wounds I carrryand make me feel aliveyou help me find the spiritfor a whileyou possess the power youpossess the power you possessI find myself struggling forconfidence alone withbatterd feelings thislove was bound to turn tohate seems our only defenceif you know how will youshow how to beeing youwould leave now ifyou cared enough for melost your power lost it gaveit all away lost your powerlost it gave it all awayyou can't balieve the words Isay somehow you heard it all

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