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фотография POLICE

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    classic rock   new wave   70s   pop   rock

Видео: POLICE - Omegaman  

Текст песни POLICE - Omegaman

Words and music by Andy SummersThe night came down, jungle sounds were in my earsCity screams are all I've heard in tewnty yearsThe razor's edge of night, it cuts into my sleepI sit upon the edge nowShall I make that leap?( )
I'm the OmegamanI'm the OmegamanThe sky's alive with turned on television setsI walk the streets and seek another vision yetThe echo makes me turn to see that last frontierThe edge of time closes down as I disappearI'm the OmegamanI'm the OmegamanI'm the OmegamanI'm the OmegamanAlways talking to myselfOh!The time that's best is when surroundings fade awayThe presense of another world comes close to meIt's time for me to throw away this paper knifeI'm not alone in reaching for a perfect lifeI'm the OmegamanI'm the Omegaman

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