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фотография Therr Maitz

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :

Видео: Therr Maitz - Harder  

Перевод песни
Therr Maitz — Harder

Call me, we’re going down
I’m begging for something good to come
And when will you take me home?
Only gets harder
See all my future sins
You’re changing your mask, cover you "skin"
I used to be scared but now
Only gets harder
You’re still the last in the list
Don’t try to involve me into mist
I’ve done all my work for now
Only gets harder
Don’t ever walk with the map
You’re riding your thing, don’t mind the gap
I’ve tried all this stuff before
Only gets harder
You’re playing your parts so well
And when you complete it ring the bell
It’s more like comitting crime
Only gets harder
Don’t influence on my plan
I’m wearing a suit, I’m better man
I’ve changed it from bad to well
Only gets harder
I drown in the liquid’s beautiful
It’s filling my blood with fear although
There’s nothing to be afraid of
Inside of me heat goes round and round
I lose my control, can’t feel the ground
The pressure I feel falls down
Together we’re something wrong
You really kidnapped me, what’s going on
I’ve seen it in movie once
Only gets harder
You kneel down then take a risk
You’re boiling my blood up, can’t dismiss
The heat’s rising up and then
Only gets harder
Сентябрь, 2015.

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