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фотография Rush

Название :

Best I Can

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    progressive rock   classic rock   rock   hard rock   progressive

Видео: Rush -  Best I Can  

I`ve got a livin` that`s rough, a future that`s tough
You know what I mean
Blankers and boasters, all the bluffers and posers
I`m not into that scene

You can tell me that I got no class
Look around, you`ll see who`s laughin` last
Don`t give me speeches `cause they`re oh so droll
Leave me alone, let me rock and roll

Got an itchin` to rock, a hate for small talk
I`m funny that way
Got my sights on the stars, won`t get that far
But I`ll try anyway
I just like to please, don`t like to tease
I`m easy like that
Don`t like long rests, I must confess
I`m an impatient cat

I do the best that I can
I`m just what I am
I do the best I can
Well, I know what I am

Rock and roll-in`s a scream, makin` millions my dream
Well, I do that a lot
I`ll just give it a try, won`t let good times pass me by
They`re all I`ve got
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