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фотография Dave Dudley

Название :

Farmer`s Prayer

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    country   trucker country   classic country   male vocalists   schlager trucker

Видео: Dave Dudley -  Farmer`s Prayer  

Lord put a hand to the handle of my hoe
Let me make another step help me go another road
Even though I`m tired I`d break my back for my wife and kids livin` in the shack

Every morning Lord I I get up and look at the sky
And I know if I`m gonna work the sun`s gotta shine
I`m gettin` old Lord before my time broke down body and mind
And some time when I don`t see a rain cloud floatin` by Lord I just feel like dyin`
My pa used to tell me when I was a boy
He said son them big white fleely clouds ain`t nothin` but the cottonfields of the Lord
So after all these years of plantin` and choppin` and pickin`
If I do get to the heaven like I`ve been tryin` and them clouds be what pa said Lord
I hope your angels know how to use a hoe
Lord put a hand...

You rememeber the time when the wife said you gotta slow down
I said honey I gotta make it while I can so I worked three days without stoppin`
For Miss Simons down the road had would need choppin`
Ame Merlow over east had hay that needed bailin`
Ol` man Turner he wanted his hopper fixed
Before spring plantin` down my back Lord
But I got it all done before the sky turned black now
Lord I ain`t complainin` but sometime when you see me stumble
Reach down and lift a hand under my cotton sack
Make my days a little shorter my nights a little longer
Make a hammer a little lighter and a dollar a little stronger
If there`s anything I can do for you Lord
Let me know what`s to be done Lord by will be done goodnight Lord
Lord put a hand...
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