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фотография De Heideroosjes

Название :

What You Own Means Nothing

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    punk   punk rock   dutch   hardcore punk   dutch punk

Видео: De Heideroosjes -  What You Own Means Nothing  

What`s a million dollars if your girl`s been abused?
What`s a fancy Rolls Royce if your friend is being accused?
What`s a noble lady if she`s got cancer in her head?
What`s a medal of honour if all your comrades are left for dead?
What`s a fuckin` big house if it doesn`t make you feel at home?
What`s a Christian lesbian if she is cursed by The Church of Rome?

What you own means nothing
What you gets means nothing
What you are means nothing

What`s a crown of gold if you are fighting aids and lose?
What`s a new born baby if mommy dear only loves the booze?
What`s a world-wide-selling major if you lose your only son?
What`s a graduation if a friend commits sucide with your gun?
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