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фотография Van Morrison

Название :

4\% Pantomime

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    classic rock   singer-songwriter   folk   rock   blues

Видео: Van Morrison -  4\% Pantomime  

The management said they were sorry
For the inconvenience you are suffering
And Mr. Booking Agent, please have mercy
Don`t book the jobs so far apart
We went up to Griffith Park
With a fifth of Johnny Walker Red
And smashed it on a rock and wept
While the old couple looked on into the dark

Oh, Richard, tell me if it`s poker
Oh, Richard, tell me, who`s got the joker and is it poker

Deuces wild, like an only child
I`ll see what you got. How much is in the pot
You pay the tips and I`ll collect the chips
It`s a full house tonight -- everybody in town is a loser
Yeah, you bet

The dealer`s been dealing me bad hands
From the bottom of the deck without the slightest blush
And I don`t know whether to call or check
But right now I feel like I got a royal flush
And my lady didn`t show from `Frisco
But we had to go on with the show
Everybody got stoned -- it was a gas, it was a smash
Everybody got wrecked, checked. Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Oh, Belfast cowboy, lay your cards on the grade
Oh, Belfast cowboy, can you call a spade a spade

Oh, Richard, tell me, is the game poker
I can`t understand who the fool is that holds this joker
Is it poker

Oh, Belfast Cowboy, lay your cards down on the table
Oh, Belfast Cowboy, do you think you`re able
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