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фотография Chameleons

Название :

Return Of The Roughnecks

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    new wave   80s   goth rock   post-punk   uk

Видео: Chameleons -  Return Of The Roughnecks  

Up and down
These days are up and down
They call it elevated living
A faster future for a faster breed
Unforgiving unfulfilling
The spirit`s willing
But the mind is weak
I had an empty education
I want to speak
But when I try to speak
It doesn`t help the situation
And some they fly while others fall
And some they walk while others crawl
It stops them feeling small
That`s all
Shake your hand
They`ll always shake your hand
Without a moments hesitation
Burning bridges
And snapping strands
That support a generation
You want to climb
But when you try to climb
You see the ladder getting shorter
You want to drink
But when you try to drink
There`s someone pissing in the water
The soul is something they can buy
So softly step inside
Says the spider to the fly
Nice try
And every day you`re crucified
If you can`t look them in the eye
Smile and wave goodbye
Nice try
Vices embraced in times of crisis
Sweet vices embraced in times of crises
That`s all
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