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фотография Eternity X

Название :

The Edge (Introduction)

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    progressive metal   metal   progressive   progressive rock   usa

Видео: Eternity X -  The Edge (Introduction)  

We`d like to take you to a place so far from here
A lesson in lost and shattered men

Welcome to the story of their solemn fears
Spare all the innocence you can

Here in this world of lost misery
A bit of faith isn`t that what you said

Sometimes they face endless futility
All of them have lived on the edge

Here we stand...It`s a long way down
Lives in hand...Can you see the end
Ours to take...Find a reason
Ours to waste...Before you make the call

All Alone...It`s a long way home
Free to go...Are you really free?
Revenge is sweet...Sickeningly so
Best served cold...What are you thinking

Are you saying that all you had means nothing?
If that`s your sight now then you will be here forever...

The sting of hatred is all too real to you
A face in time is all you know

A world shut out unable to rescue you
A final plea begging for your soul

As you leave to carry out your final masquerade
It becomes so clear this darkness in your head

A pawn in the game of humanity
Another lost soul crying from the edge

Where is home?...It`s a long way down
Where is me?...On the edge of life
Reflections of...I`ll take the time
Broken dreams...To help you understand

Lost in time...It`s a long way home
No place here...It`s the life you lead
May be hope...I`ll take the time
I don`t care...Forgive yourself

If you`re convinced that all in life means nothing
Then I can`t help you, you have reached the edge...
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