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фотография 7 Seconds

Название :

Not Just Boys` fun

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hardcore punk   hardcore   oldschool hardcore   punk   old school hardcore

Видео: 7 Seconds -  Not Just Boys` fun  

Man you`ve gotta problem, who made you fuckin` king
A macho pig with nothing in your head.
No girls around you, their place is not at gigs,
Don`t want `em on the dance floor `cos they`re weak.
A woman`s place, the kitchen, on her back,
It`s time to change that attitude, and quick.
Showing us your phobias, you`re scared to see `em think,
You`d rather dress `em up in pretty lace,
All nice and colored pink.
You feel so fucking threatened,
When they stand out in front,
A stupid, passive piece of meat is all you really want
But it`s:
Not just boys` fun (x4)
There`s girls who put out fanzines, others put on shows,
Yet they`re not allowed to get out on the floor.
Some make the music, well that you can accept.
Hell, maybe live you`ll get some tits and ass
You fucking moron, your brains have run amuck,
A girl`s only lot in life is not to fuck!
(Repeat Chorus)
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