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фотография 7 Seconds

Название :

The Crew

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hardcore punk   hardcore   oldschool hardcore   punk   old school hardcore

Видео: 7 Seconds -  The Crew  

The older I become
I can`t help thinking hard about,
What`s really gonna happen,
And what`s in store for
Us and them is bullshit,
And if we`re gonna make it work
We`ve gotta care together
And see this too the end, see it to the end
It`ll take some time to fix it up
But that is something we must do,
With solid hearts and clearer minds,
We`ll raise our voice and blast right through.
We`ll stop the ones who fuck it up,
And show the world that they can`t stop the crew.
The crew is me, the crew is you, yeah we`re the crew!
The threat of war ain`t over,
And yes I fear it`s getting near,
With all this hate inside us,
It all may just start.
Here now will you listen,
Or would you rather just ignore
You say we have no future,
Do we have a chance? Do we have a chance?!
(Repeat Chorus)
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