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фотография Marc Nelson

Название :

Enemies In Love

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    rnb   praise and worship   awesome   r&b   jesus

Видео: Marc Nelson -  Enemies In Love  


Enemies in love
being used
just can`t take the
pressure of this lovers feud

V - One

should of stayed
should of walked away
That`s the choice I can make today
I won`t lie no
though it seems that I`m
your enemy
just know I`m with you
hoping we make it through
ohh yeah,


V - Two

Our love seems
empty without you baby
no more fighting
or doing things that I want do all this pain ends today
No it`s not what I want to do
cause I know I`d be lost without you

Chorus 2X


It`s all these evil ways
that turns my blue skies into gray
it seems this hate goes on and on and on (oh baby)
why must this lovers` feud go on
sometime the world seems like it`s on my shoulders
can`t stop this love hate from rising up in the midst



why are these things happening
why are they dogging me
feel the way I feel inside
It`s true you can`t deny
can`t believe the things you say
should I be on my way
to find
another love
to find

Tell me this isn`t real
how the way I feel
try not to shed a tear
oh baby please come here
Hold me let`s have a some fun
Let`s make up to be one
in the midst

vamp 4x

chorus 4x
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