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фотография Marc Nelson

Название :

Enemies in Love

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    rnb   praise and worship   awesome   r&b   jesus

Видео: Marc Nelson -  Enemies in Love  


Enemies in love

Being used

Just cant take the

Pressure of this lovers feud

V - one

Should of stayed

Should of walked away

Thats the choice I can make today

I wont lie no

Though it seems that im

Your enemy

Just know Im with you

Hoping we make it through

Ohh yeah,


V - two

Our love seems

Empty without you baby

No more fighting

Or doing things that I want do all this pain ends today

No its not what I want to do

Cause I know Id be lost without you

Chorus 2x


Its all these evil ways

That turns my blue skies into gray

It seems this hate goes on and on and on (oh baby)

Why must this lovers feud go on

Sometime the world seems like its on my shoulders

Cant stop this love hate from rising up in the midst



Why are these things happening

Why are they dogging me

Feel the way I feel inside

Its true you cant deny

Cant believe the things you say

Should I be on my way

To find

Another love

To find

Tell me this isnt real

How the way I feel

Try not to shed a tear

Oh baby please come here

Hold me lets have a some fun

Lets make up to be one



In the midst

Vamp 4x

Chorus 4x
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