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фотография Defleshed

Название :

Gathered Flies

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    death metal   thrash metal   death-thrash metal   swedish   metal

Видео: Defleshed -  Gathered Flies  

Your teeth I hacked, the nose I cracked, I shaved your face too well
Noone can see how you have been, in snow I let you dwell

For five months you`ve been buried under ice and snow
Completely protected from what can cause you harm

Beauty, your beauty made me steal your face
Melting out the snow to see the sun
Gather, around you creatures are gathered
April the 14th...

They start to gather, sniffing, humming around your body
before they can decide where to eat
Tasting, kissing, caressing your flesh gently
They want a noble childrens nursery

The metamorphose of a beauty to a nauseating corpse
An interesting horde of insects marshing over your face
Where they finally decide to give birth to their children

You can expect that your belly will arise
And worms of high disgust will eat the rest of you

Beauty, with the eyes your beauty vanished
You give birth to more than you expected
Putrid, the springsun make you reek tremendous
April 19th...

Weeks goes quickly, flies has left your body
Perhaps searching for a brand new body
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