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фотография Defleshed

Название :

Gone with the Fæces

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    death metal   thrash metal   death-thrash metal   swedish   metal

Видео: Defleshed -  Gone with the FГ¦ces  

As your ugly face penetrates my heart
I drop my moral thoughts, turn killing to an art
I don`t care about sex, or to spread the oat
I just need the sound when I cut your throat
And to feel your life running down my face
Running down my feet, coloring every place

Bloodbath, I`ve got some plans made up for the corpse
Separate the limbs from the actual body
I put the parts nicely on the grill...drill

While the meat will fry I thought it would be nice
To start working for the "Belly Surprise"

I got the idea from the Irish meal "Haggis"
I will though approach a bit different
I will not use a sheep as you can understand


I tear the belly out of the stomach
And I stuff it with various items
Like the guts, the eyes, the entrails and brains
Then I tie it hard with a rope of yarn

I finally sink it into a pretty big pot filled with
bouillon made of blood
A decoration of the mans head and shreds

Oh, I look at the smell-emitting meat
On the barbeque, I`m starting with the feet

Mother...she gave birth to me when she was sixty-four
I invite her `cause I want to see if she still adores gore

I`ve got you under my skin...

You`re doing well deep in my cell
I am your hell, I hope you feel it too...
...it was nice to eat you
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