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фотография Krokus

Название :

One For All

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hard rock   heavy metal   rock   classic rock   metal

Видео: Krokus -  One For All  

One is a child in the ghetto
One is a beggar in rags
One is a victim of circumstance
One is a queen dressed in black

All working hard for the dollar
Money to keep `em alive
It`s one big fight for survival
And I just cannot walk on by

One for all, all for one
Now won`t you give `em a dime?
One for all, all for one
A little drop of your wine?!!

One is a veteran soldier
One is a man of the cloth
Here come the sisters of mercy
Collecting all that you`ve got

With respect to your religion, man
Your culture and your skin
Just don`t believe in your selfish gods
Share your wealth and stop the terror from within!

That`s no way to go you know, yeah

You get greedy, you get fat
And when you die you just can`t take it with you
Anyway, so, that`s it brother

The poorman gets poorer!!!
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