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фотография Twilight ophera

Название :

Opera 666: the whore

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    melodic black metal   symphonic black metal   black metal   finnish   symphonic metal

Видео: Twilight ophera -  Opera 666: the whore  

Moon, dive with me
To the abyss where no-one has ever been
Shield me on my journey, show me the way
Through the journey, which called as a dream

I opened my eyes, something had changed
Like I`d be still asleep, how this dream is so real...

"The last, deadly dance in the night
with a moon still burning so bright"

Oh. How beautiful she was...
I kissed her black painted lips
Her face was so cold and pale
Breath like a cold breeze
and eyes like bloody dawn

She looked into my eyes, with eyes which glowed so red
I called from the mist, to dance with forgotten souls of slumber
How could she resist?

Wind touched me with it`s cold breath
Night began to turn to dawn
Spells of night fading away
Everything had been like in a dream...
But still I believe, from the mist she will see
With eyes which glow always so red...
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