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фотография Twilight ophera

Название :

Queen Of The Night (darkness Is Thy King

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    melodic black metal   symphonic black metal   black metal   finnish   symphonic metal

Видео: Twilight ophera -  Queen Of The Night (darkness Is Thy King  

Crowned with fire
dark embrace from the shady kingdom of desire
...Come to me... Queen of the Night
Silence breaks with screams of denial
...In endless faith I call you... Arise!

Your moist warm breath upon my skin
Ignites a pulsing flame within
Eyes can`t sescribe the burn I feel
I cannot resist, thought the pain is so strong
It`s like... the ending notes of one last song

"Your world is false, but I am real
Light pours forth on the blinded eyes
You face the truth of your self-demise
Shadows slowly dim the light
Darkness intrudes in your silent world
You are the one who travels by night
More lonely you`ll be in the world you scorn
You are an angel disgraced... Queen of the Night"

Like the raven is black, black are the secrets in me
In flames I shall eternally burn, to purify my sinful heart
Darkness tightly holding me, the darkness is she...
Throned as the night`s queen

Release me from this pain (Queen of the Night)
In darkness bring thy light (Queen of the Night)
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