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фотография Ablaze My Sorrow

Название :

The battle

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    melodic death metal   death metal   swedish   metal   swedish melodic death metal

Видео: Ablaze My Sorrow -  The battle  

As the sky turns black
My hunger sets in
My hunger for killing and slaying
I raise my fist against the northern sky
As I scream in anguish and in pain

The blood from your veins caress my skin
As my battle against mankind goes on
I will keep on killing
Until mankind forever is gone

When the night fades away
I return to my deep cold cave
Longing for the next night to arrive

The arrival of the black northern sky
The arrival of the battle-divine

For hundreds of years I`ve struggled
Never to surrender, never to die
I`m immortal. I`m the battle-divine

I`ve travelled through ages to find you
And finally you`re mine
You`ll die for me, the battle-divine

Betrayer - you`ll die by my fire
My fire - the everlasting pain
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