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фотография Thy Serpent

Название :

Flowers Of Witchery Abloom

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    black metal   melodic black metal   dark metal   finnish   metal

Видео: Thy Serpent -  Flowers Of Witchery Abloom  

As it to hasten the fading glow of the sun,
nocturnal insects rise in their constant hum
The humid earth responde to Twilight`s call,
sending forth the mists of evenfall...

Into shades of grey the evergreen`s subdued
by my feet, flowers of Witchery are abloom
Bittersweet scented in this late summer night
human consciousness penetrated with starlight

A journey will begin here ; onerous thoughts drift to me
now as the powers of nature are manifest
The meadow grows into an alien garden of plenitude
Destination unknown, sanity put to a test

The Glacial epoch brought these moss covered stones
on which I stir from the grasp of restless dreams.
I feel a chilly breath pass through my hollow bones
the reign of summer will soon be dethroned

Like a corpse rotting in a rack
or wintry winds coming over fast
It is all reminder of a single fact ;
all life held so dear is only here to pass
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