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фотография Thy Serpent

Название :

So Free Are The Wolves

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    black metal   melodic black metal   dark metal   finnish   metal

Видео: Thy Serpent -  So Free Are The Wolves  

In the shadows of the trees,
I looked that huge icy opening
where the wolves turmoiled.
They seemed so free...
I moved slowly between the trees,
towards the pack of wolves...
They seemed so untouchable,
and they didn`t even notice...
At last one of the wolfes looked at me,
anger that was face of the wolf,
changed to observing look.
Slowly it walked towards me,
it didn`t show his teeth,
only its hesitating look.
Tears flowed slowly from my eyes,
when I realised that it had accepted me.
I walked ever closer to that pack of thousandheaded,
wolves stared at me,
not angrily but observing.
At last they came to me,
overturned me down and licked my cold face.
Suddenly a huge thunder was
heard from those mountains,
the storms arrived. Hard wind started to blow,
it blew all that snow to my eyes.
Wolves watched me for a moment
and ran towards the sunset...
I tried to run after them,
but so cold I had that I fell on my knees.
I cried tears of desperation,
life was turned its back on to me,
now the death was real.
I started to walk towards that icy pond.
I looked my self from surface of the ice,
so pale and dead I was.
I broke the cover of ice with my last strenght,
and I allowed myself to flow deep...
With smile on my face I died;
into those thick waters...
Music: Azhemin (`95)
Lyrics: Azhemin (`95)
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