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фотография Warhead

Название :

Good Part For Each

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    nsbm   black metal   thrash metal   ukraine   hardcore

Видео: Warhead -  Good Part For Each  

[music: breitenbach - eilen]
[lyrics: breitenbach]
[arranged by breitenbach]

honesty! misery! creep on knees to be free
don`t you see, suffering is all you`ve got to feed the kings
self-defence! ignorance! second hand perplexity!
all that stuff are swellings of our cowardly society

if you don`t ever close your eyes, you`ll see what for your courage dies
cash is where the power rules, go perish on a ship of fools
you`re not just only meaningless, you`re draged into unconsciousness
but give a shit where you might go, it`s all the same, the folks are only

dust, only dust
dust, only dust is what lasts
bloody hands are the sense, it`s your cheat
so how long will you die for their greed?

good part for each

masquerade! glittering! free from care, everywhere
funny face! "mercy-b"! honest work! you are free!
whet your ellbows, go to score, try to win the social war
kill your brother when you must, if you don`t want to be the lost!

our politix sell weapons to the middle-east fascism clans
while they decide in silent rooms their insatiable budget plans
so snatch-up what you still can grip, the hell awaits your final trip
with or without a cadillac you`ll end up in the same disease, it`s

dust, only dust...

look the truth in the eye, all you give, all you try
think it up, think it down, get a grip, you`re on your own
powerful, mercyless, the law comes down to break your chest
in the end you will know, finished man, get a bow

when will you ever realize, the final path is suicide?
the time is right for "red-alert", go on, defend your lifes on earth
justice meets establishment, no poor control the government
woe to those who try to change, the mills of life will grind you up to

dust, only dust...

good part for each
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