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фотография Warhead

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    nsbm   black metal   thrash metal   ukraine   hardcore

Видео: Warhead -  Scream  

people are coming to take me out of my house
don`t understand the angryness of the crowd
bursting windows raining down the floor
don`t realize what they are reaching for


running, falling, slavering hands on my shirt
again and again they punch my face into the dirt
I lost my last hope when they started to beat
I`ll never get myself out of this heat


now they tighten the rope around my neck
a kick, the chair falls down, my heart attacks
no breath, no life, am I going to die?
what have I done, I don`t know why?

they say that you have cought him,
they say he`s punished now
they say that none should mess with you,
you infallible crowd
be proud of what you`ve done
for your selfrighteous sense of justice
the beast is dead, this is the end,
an act of fair revenge

but didn`t you know that not just far away
another little girl was raped today?
and didn`t you hear `bout the man sitting in jail
that he has confessed this last two murders?

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