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фотография Gob

Название :

License From A Cereal Box

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    punk rock   punk   pop punk   canadian   rock

Видео: Gob -  License From A Cereal Box  

it seems every time we`re driving down the trans-canada #1
the traffic`s growing worse everyday it doesn`t really help
when there`s a bozo at the wheel slowing down cutting people
off i don`t think it`s funny. hit the gas, hit the brakes,
in a traffic jam i think i`m late for work got your license
from a cereal box you don`t know how to drive you`re just a fucking jerk,
it never fails getting on there`s always something going
wrong a lot of cars a lot of smog (well, not as much as l.a.)
it`s pretty hazy when a blowout in a tire becomes
such a big desire for idiots to watch, slow down it makes me crazy.
think you know how i feel what i need is a new automobile
like the game spyhunter i could enjoy anyone
who would annoy set the missiles seek and destroy.
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