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фотография Toby Keith

Название :

Big Ol` Truck

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    country   toby keith   contemporary country   male country   pop

Видео: Toby Keith -  Big Ol` Truck  

Yeah you can see the girl comin`
From a mile away
She got her big wheels turnin`
She`s got Oklahoma plates

She`s got her sun roof up
She`s got her window rolled down
And you oughta feel the ground shakin`
When she comes to town

Yeah I`m in love with the girl in the four-wheel drive
Chrome steel bumpers and red step sides
She has a large time in her large machine
Man I wonder how she gets up in that thing
It casts a big shadow sittin` in the sun
She`s got it revved up rockin` ready to run
And someday soon I`m gonna climb right up
And take a little ride in her big ol` truck

She`s got bucket seats fully customized
In Your Wildest Dreams painted on the side
It was built to run, she was built to show
She`s got a Haggard hit playin` on her stereo

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus

Big ol` truck
Ten feet tall ten feet wide
It`s a big ol` truck
Here she come again man
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