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фотография Toby Keith

Название :

Blame It On The Mistletoe

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    country   toby keith   contemporary country   male country   pop

Видео: Toby Keith -  Blame It On The Mistletoe  

The middle of December ain`t the time to be alone
It`s just too close to Christmas
And too far to go home
I ran in to a friend of a friend
Standing in checkout line
She said, Ive spent too much already
And there`s gifts I just can`t find
I walked her home and when she opened up her door
I`m not sure what happened then
Guess magic took it`s course

Blame it on the mistletoe
`Cause what happened here nobody knows
How could something simple as a kiss
Change my holiday like this
And we held each other all night long
And we fell asleep to a Christmas song
Playin` on the radio
Blame it on the mistletoe

I woke up, she was wrappin` gifts beneath the tree
She said, I know it`s early, so I thought Id let you sleep
Then she insisted I get up and take a look outside
Hey sleepyhead, it must have snowed at least a foot last night
That`s when I saw it hangin` up above my head
She threw her arms around my neck
Laughin` as she said

Repeat Chorus
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