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фотография Toby Keith

Название :

Country Comes To Town

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    country   toby keith   contemporary country   male country   pop

Видео: Toby Keith -  Country Comes To Town  

Well the weatherman said it might storm today
I gotta hit the field gotta bail some hay
And I can`t let it rain on my daddys farm
Til I get it all stacked up high in the barn
And I`m gonna call my baby she`s been waiting on me
She lives downtown on Sycamore street
And the wheels on the black top a starting to whine
As I pass that Oklahoma city limit sign


I`m a hayseed and a plow boy
I`m a farm kid and a cowboy
I`m a roughneck daddy was a roughneck too
I run around with hillbilly girls
The weekend sits on my hillbilly world
You better be ready when the sun goes down
That`s when country comes to town

Daddy said child you better let him be
Well I don`t like him and he sure don`t like me
Mamma just says ya`ll have a little fun
Ain`t doing nothin me and Pappa ain`t done
Open up the door to my pick-up truck
And my baby jumps in and she fires it up
And she gives me a kiss as I crawl in
We`ve been waiting all week for a weekend

Repeat Chorus:
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