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фотография Toby Keith

Название :

Die With Your Boots On

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    country   toby keith   contemporary country   male country   pop

Видео: Toby Keith -  Die With Your Boots On  

Daddy was a gambler back in seventy-two
He had a taste for the night life and he loved his booze
He had a woman on one arm and a tattoo on the other
It was hard to read I don`t know what it said
Somethin about my mother
I stood over his shoulder back in Bakersfield
He had some rhinestone boots with those high ridin` heels
He bet a ton of money on a hand I thought was dead
When those sevens cleaned the table up
He just looked around and said

Sometimes you win sometimes you won`t
Sometimes you beat that devil sometimes you don`t
We`re all just killin time
Till the good Lord calls us home
And the best that you can hope for
Is to die with your boots on

I drive a big rig from shore to shore
I`ve got a woman beside me
And my name out on the door
Can`t make no money if I don`t outrun the man
That`s why you find me streakin` through the night
Catch me if you can

Repeat Chorus Three times
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