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фотография Nelly

Название :

Die for You

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    rap   hip-hop   rnb   hip hop   nelly

Видео: Nelly -  Die for You  

[Intro - Nelly] (Nelly`s daughter)
So yo, today your birthday? (Yea.. yeah!)
You sure? (Daddy!)
I don`t think today your birthday (Then what you call me for?)
Oh, I don`t know, I just called to see what you was doin
You sure.. what, what, what you turn today?
What you turn today, 19? (No, I`m turnin 10, Daddy)
Nah you turnin, what 32, 32, you 32 today (You have been away for a long time)
It feel like it, don`t it? (Yeah)
Yeah, but I miss you though, you miss me?
(Yes, very much, I just wish you could be here) Word? (Yes)
Okay, I`ll be there soon, aight? (You gon` be here tonight?!)
Naw, boo-boo, I ain`t gon` be there tonight (Aww)

Whoo! Mmm, uhh.
Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, c`mon

[Chorus 2x - Nelly]
Yeahhhhhhhhhhh.. (yeah)
Don`t you know I`ll die for you? (die for you)
I`ll lay down my life for you
I would, die for, you (die for, you)

[Nelly`s daughter] I love you Daddy

I remember February 27, 1994
Tryin to make it to the hospital through three inches of snow (hey)
Somethin`s goin wrong, I can tell but I don`t know
I got this feelin in my gut, this ain`t how it`s supposed to go
Three pounds, two ounces and two months premature
I tell the incubator, is she gon` make it? They ain`t sure
Automatically I place the blame on my health
Hell, I`m her father mayne, I place the blame on myself
Was it somethin that I smoked, did I eat or did I drink it?
Or was it somethin I was doin that I did or did I think it?
Huh, watchin her breathe through her holes in her nose
What`s this EKG machine? What`s this shit on her toes?
It`s 94, I`m 85, so I`m spooked as can be (c`mon!)
I`m prayin and I`m askin, "Why He do this to me?"
See, I used to hold you in the palm of my hand
and just to see you pull through - shit I knew you`d pull through


March 2-2nd, 1999
The year and the date I got my lil` mind
I guess I felt how my father felt and his father felt
And his father musta felt to see hisself
It`s like a lil` me in the flesh
He got my blood and my heart in his chest
Needless to say, man I love him to death
Teach him if he disrespect me I`ma love him to death
Left to go out of town right after he was born
I got a record deal, three months later Daddy was gone
It`s like I`m tryin to raise him over the phone
He barely know my face when he see it but he know my tone
I`m hopin, I`m like - "Do he know who his Daddy is?"
I`m real close to sayin fuck the showbiz
But when I hurr him call his Daddy now
And when I hurr him tell his friends, "I`ma be just like my Daddy now"
Hope he forgive me for the sacrifice
So he can have a better life - than I had

[Chorus 2x]
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