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фотография 8 Foot Sativa

Название :

Grown Aggression

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    death metal   melodic death metal   thrash metal   metalcore   new zealand

Видео: 8 Foot Sativa -  Grown Aggression  

Grown I`ve grown aggression inside
Been pushed and buried alive
Just stay the hell away from me
Until my final sleep
If you`re trying to change my mind
Get out and stay outa my life
Can`t you see the time has come
To put you back in your place

These changes have made me come to find
A life that will help me to understand
What`s true and what`s new, a seperate hand
They`ve searched to find out why they ran

This time I can`t describe what I`ve tried
These feelings have been locked inside
You can think this was all for you
But don`t try this even though I do
Mistakes I make will find a fall
I`ve turned around and found I lost it all
There`s nothing left so don`t worry
Even still I know that I`m sorry, sorry
Even still I know that I`m sorry
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