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фотография Angeli

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hardcore punk   hardcore   alternative   italian hardcore punk   negazione

Видео: Angeli -  Monogamous  

This is a song to you, my lover
Why don`t you call or just come over
It seems to me that you`ve been gone forever
Your smile so sunny and bright
Your hair as dark as the night
And your big grey eyes that I`d love to see
I hear the echo of your laughter
Remember how hard it was to catch you
While you danced around with an air so free
And oh, how my world would brighten up
When in the morning you would wake up
And turn around just to smile at me
Are you staying away just to be mysterious
If you want to play, can`t we do it together
With all the bugs around, we ought to be monogamous
So baby, be mine, be mine, be mine
My sweet love, where can you be now
If I could just see you somehow
You`ve been gone for quite an eternity
If only you`d write me a letter
`Twould make me feel so much better
We`d be together like we ought to be
[Composed by Angeli; 1991 Shenai Song Productions (ASCAP)]
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