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фотография Angeli

Название :

Young Stud

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hardcore punk   hardcore   alternative   italian hardcore punk   negazione

Видео: Angeli -  Young Stud  

I`m feeling so good, I thank my Creator
For the feelings I`ve had kind of late
I`m knocking on wood that they will last eternally
There`s a lad out there in the crowd
He`s so young and he wants to flirt
With an older young-looking woman like me
So why should I give up this young stud
Run and hide from an uncertain future
When now is all the time that there may be
I look good for someone who`s forty
Every year get a little more naughty
Cos here in America a woman is free
A woman has power when she`s older
Heck of a lot smarter, quite a bit bolder
Than an undecided woman of 20
She has money, she has maturity
She has, thanks to modern technology,
An eternal and ageless beauty
So why should I...
ANGELI: Ah, ce beau jeune garon, qui a l`air si fort et si doux... et voil
mon coeur qui bat comme un tambour.
YOUNG STUD: Madame, puis-je me prsenter ?
ANGELI: Mais oui...
YOUNG STUD: Je m`appelle Jean.
ANGELI: Et je suis Angeli.
YOUNG STUD: Madame, je vous trouve charmante.
ANGELI: Ah oui ?
YOUNG STUD: Donnez-moi un rendez-vous.
ANGELI: Eh bien... peut-tre...
YOUNG STUD: Ce samedi?
ANGELI: Ce samedi alors.
So men, let the pendulum swing our way
It`s time for woman to have her day
Appreciate a young stud if she please
Why should a firm young body be
An older man`s exclusive territory
Here in America a woman is free
[Composed by Angeli; 1991 Shenai Song Productions (ASCAP)]
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