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фотография Dream

Название :

When I Get There

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    j-pop   japanese   jpop   pop   female vocalists

Видео: Dream -  When I Get There  

Still trying to capture the moments
I`m livin` in it
Still trying to pry your heart open
The skies, well i`ll admit
Half `been wonderin` if you`ll forever come meet me,
Halfway, someday, will you ever make me happy baby

When I get there i`m finally free
When I get there i`m home
When I get there i`ll turn the key
When I get there i`ll know
I don`t know where i`m going, but i`m going, and going
When i get there
Can`t wait another minute, cause your heart isn`t i it
Then it`s no fair
I can see myself in a cathederal... all dressed in white
There`s someone willing and waiting
To be there by my side
Don`t know where i`ll find it...
But i`m sure `nough gonna` find it
Somewhere... Outhere... I know he`s gonna` make me a happy baby
I don`t know how i`m gonna make it, so i`ll fake it, and it`s not fair
i don`t no where i`m going, going, then know it when i get there
I`ve been thinkin` `bout our situation,
It`s not what I want
If you can`t get what your giving,
You`ve got to be movin` on
I`ve got more heartbroken...
Just to feel my heart in hands
But i`ll find
I`ll take another road
Then I will know
He`s the one, the one
Sure as rain, sure as sun
`Till the day
Hope is gone, I will keep, going
(2nd part of chorus) X 2
(Chorus) X 2
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