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фотография Dream

Название :

This Is Me

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    j-pop   japanese   jpop   pop   female vocalists

Видео: Dream -  This Is Me  

This is me (this is me) this is me
Ah ya (this is me) c`mon

She stole your heart
Only did it because she could
Chewed you up and spat you out
That girl never was no good
Boy I will never do that
I love you faithfully
But your suspicious mind thinks
I`m gonna repeat her story

Chorus 1:
She`s making you crazy
Makin you a wreck
Makin you follow me
Making me a suspect
Seem to think I`m playin her games
Don`t you know, don`t you know my name

Chorus 2:
That was her, this is me
We`re different as can be
She and I are nothing alike
You`re confussing day with night
That was then, this is now
You wanna trust me, but you don`t know how
I`m never gonna mess around, let you down
Can`t you see
That was her (that was her)
And baby this is me (this is me)

Stop making me feel bad
I`m the best thing you ever had
The only thing I`m guilty of
Is giving you too much love

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

Don`t suffocate me, don`t misunderstate me
Don`t make me pay for all her mistakes
Believe or not, it`s in my kiss
(Don`t say things that don`t exist)

Chorus x2
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