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фотография Aerosmith

Название :

Can`t Stop Messin`

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    rock   classic rock   hard rock   80s   70s

Видео: Aerosmith -  Can`t Stop Messin`  

Sittin` at a stopsign
Lookin` for a friend of mine
Waitin` to salute the flag
Talkin` to some he/she
Slidin` over next to me
Man, she said, this life is a drag
It`s a shaky situation
And I`m hangin` on my will
And I get no satisfaction
From a hundred dollar bill
But I got what I came for
And I`ll do it `til I drop
You do what you want to do
I ain`t never gonna stop
You say you got somethin` that makes you feel good
And you can`t stop messin` with it
All your life you`ve been so misunderstood
`Cause you can`t stop messin` with it
Sittin` by the seashore
Dreamin` `bout a little more
Circlin` the classifieds
Nine seven six
Man I need another fix
I`ll never have to kiss the bride
Yeah, the city is a war zone
This country gone to hell
And the beer cans in the alley
From the rich folks on the hill
They`re screamin` hallelujah
But I don`t give a damn
`Cause I got my own religion
Yeah, it`s right here in my hand
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