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фотография Aerosmith

Название :

Bitchs Brew

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    rock   classic rock   hard rock   80s   70s

Видео: Aerosmith -  Bitchs Brew  

I tell ya kinky

You foxy little flirt

I caught you in the biar path

Liftin up your skirt

Well let me tell ya

What you been doin in the firepatch

What you been doin with your little skirt


Youve been foolin with the bitchs brew

You know the things I told you not to do

You fell into the briar patch

Aint nothing gonna save your ass

Remember the things you said

The saving and the screams for bread

And now you just walked away

So take it away, all the way

Youre fooling with the bitchs brew

That aint the thing you ought to fool with

Now you keep your fingers out of there, honey

You know that aint no there

The way that you really feel

Down the parts on the way you deal

Where the witch is sight

And the things that you fight

(oh God)

Youve been messin with the bitchs brew

Now dont you know who youre talking to

Say youre talking to the bitchs who

Tell me you never really cared

The voodoo man eyes of fire

The hoodoo man most desire

The bitches are out n smooth

Tell from the light of the moon

(yodle-lay-lay-lay, yeah, yeah, yeah, come on)

Ive been thinkin

Had my hands through the sense of time

Yeah, and Ive been drinkin

Just to make this here song rhyme

Youre foolin with the bitchs brew

Now dont you, dont you, dont you, dont you...

Dont go foolin with the bitchs brew...
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