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фотография Union

Название :

King T (Cali Expert)

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hard rock   black metal   death metal   rock n roll   glam metal

Видео: Union -  King T (Cali Expert)  

featuring King T

Ha hah
No deezee, heh

When they need work, they call the cali drug expert
Smashin in a six hundred dollar ?bill burnt?
lookin flossy, livin costly, and off the edge
Out of state, they gots to break bread fo` sho`
I needs mo`, ice drops for the Lex-o
Baguette sets glow when I`m stippin the Mo`
Freelancin, tryin to build a mansion and stay faded
Have hoes walk around my crib buttnaked
The gravy train, chronic got me losin my brain
but soothin my pain, I`m true to the game
I got my mind made, I gotta be that rich motherfucker
Set it up, so my grandkids don`t suffer
The fat Hummer, the fat drummer what`s your choice
Tryin to find a sister with a voice, make her moist
My thirst runs deeps as Lake Tahoe
in the black Tahoe
911 codes all over the Bravo
Ain`t nuttin but tabledancers and strip models, they bring bottles
but trip, niggaz at parties grabbin they best friend
Tryin to dodge, from the Aftermath entourage
No camouflage, fine linen, fine women
Busters get slugs in em
I twist my spliffs with the green, I make a sick scene
scream through some six by nines and fifteens
Tighten my rhymes like bitch jeans
Mix my dimes with ginseng, controllin this thing
Rock on, get your ride on when you hear it
The forbidden gangland lyrics
Playa haters fear it, get you right up close near it
Posessed by the Eazy-E spirit
Dr. Dre set the limit, and niggaz won`t cross this line
it`s suicide, and niggaz won`t cross this line
In your mouth, puffin with my niggaz down South
What the fuck it`s really all about me
I`m comin out, front and back, ninety-eight Brougham
All you fake G`s stay home
Leave the shit alone, King T`s back on the throne
and my niggaz on the mic straight gone, CRAZAY
Y`all niggaz wanna know the real deal?
I freestyle and smack you in your grill
Bomb lyrics, no special effects or gimmicks
The Aftermath`ll put you in the mix, beyotch!

Hah, Organized Rhyme in effect
Peace to my nigga Nino
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