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фотография Union

Название :

Move On

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hard rock   black metal   death metal   rock n roll   glam metal

Видео: Union -  Move On  

featuring L.S.

* first twenty seconds is talking by crew *

I gotta question (I gotta question)
I gotta question (I gotta question)
I`m pushin about five fifty-five on the mic, how much you benchin?
I`m givin all y`all yahoo niggaz some new shit to jig to
I had to slit you small like that crack in the wall you slid through
And there ain`t no callin draw
Whether you my man, or some shorty comin with the raw
I fuck around, and get lost in the portal
Quantum combat, oh I forget, you only mortals
Comin with that normal kid I wrap you up in coil
Hit you up and watch your body burn when it bubble
I`ll rip your lampshades, as I rant and rave
I`m raw, plus I got more plants to blaze
It`s a fact that fiends, come back to Lean
with vials, long as that aisle in back of Queens
Plus I pack macs with beams
I`m type fear, I`m that nightmare that killed that dream
My gat steam, crazy buzz
I slid with ?, plus severe for you baby luv
I play the role til I`m gray and old (c`mon y`all)
HEYYY HOOOOO, witcha pops on the payroll
No doubt, I`m cold out withcha ??
South to border, I come lay em out for ya
For these liquid assets
This thick-lipped bastard stay, dipped in plastic

Outlaw (outlaw)
Representin, 1998
Pac, peace my nigga
Nino, peace my nigga

It`s all good we move on
Check we out we move on
Rock like this we move on
I`m far from a busta!
Rock like this we move on
Rock like this we move on
Rock like this we move.. it`s just a freestyle!
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