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фотография Union

Название :

Oc`s Connects

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    hard rock   black metal   death metal   rock n roll   glam metal

Видео: Union -  Oc`s Connects  

featuring O.C. & U-Nast

[O.C.] The fuck is up?
[Nast] Yeah nigga
[O.C.] Gotta let these niggaz know, knahmsayin?
[Nast] Crooklyn baby, we`re talkin BIG bucks here hah?
[O.C.] Word up.. niggaz comin with that penny ante shit
? Turn the beat up a little too, in my headphones
[Nast] Nickel and dime ass niggaz, word up

Yeah, yo
I`m comin from Brooklyn, NY, where the sneak thieves hawk
And the dreads sell potentest skunk that make you cough
Where the glocks go to war tryin to lay down laws
Resortin to any means, leavin you never no more
Ass-whippin wild like coke-sniffin (fiends flippin)
Dice roll, ass bets, arguments (gas spittin)
Opposite sex admire when you cruise right by her
in the projects (Rolex on the wrists in the Lex)
Cats on the benches like army niggaz in the trenches
Concentration camp like barbed wire fences
Hittin the jukes, crooks with hard looks
Ice cold starin at ya, tryin to get ya shook
Fuck all the bullshit, niggaz gotta keep a full clip
From Bed-Stuy to Fort Greene to Bushwick

Y`all know my gat stay sick
Nasty cough with a spit
Whatever I hit, guaranteed I leave it torn and ripped
They`ll probably dig that stitch, you probably wig that snitched
After that, get on the phone and drop a line to your bitch
Word is he sick? Tell her what we did to your click
Hand hugs the gun, gun hugs the clip
You get your ass smoked, neck choked, leg broke, no joke
And I don`t give a fuck who supplyin your coke

Thug chemist with your man on the side as apprentice
Young guns stand watch for the beast, the arch-nemis`, dig it
Brook-? will forever drop bombs
Connec-tion, the tight ties with Un-ion
Organized Rhymes we shine, ATL connec-tion
Phenomen` O.C. is on, what?
Fuckin with us is like truly poor judgement
U-Nast spit it that he be about the thug shit
Price to pay send you on your merry way
Brooklyn run shit nigga, have a nice day
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