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фотография Marc Nelson

Название :

Time to Pay

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    rnb   praise and worship   awesome   r&b   jesus

Видео: Marc Nelson -  Time to Pay  

She left me, now beg please for my heart

Shes wants to come back to me

Now hes gone

Youre alone

Time to pay cause you did me wrong

I was sittin at a bar thinking

Trying to catch myself

Call me trippin

Shes loving somebody else

But Im too cool

To let it get me down

cause I knew one day

Girl that youll be back around


I was workin at a 9 to 5

While he was living large

I was bring the food to your home

He was giving fancy cars

Now hes telling you, you have to leave

Sounds like the same thing you said to me

Im not the only fool baby

Tell me why youre at my door

Why could you not sec before

Tell me what it is he said

To make you come back to my bed

Now tell me what

No tell me girl

Tell me why youre in my world

Got to go, cannot stay

Dont you know its too late



I know youve been through many changes

And I can tell youve never loved someone before

But baby girl, I just cant take it

I want you back

But Ive got to say its over
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