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фотография Tsatthoggua

Название :

Seventh solitude

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    black metal   hyperspeed black metal   german black metal   german   germany

Видео: Tsatthoggua -  Seventh solitude  

No futher longing for
A cremated heart
Promise fills my day
Through unknown jaws blowing on
The great coolness alive

My sun`s topping the noon
Above my brain
Feel saluted for you will come
You sudden winds
You cool spirits of my night

Does not squint the night to me?
Sharp look of the seducer
Don`t ask why she died
Stay strong, my brave heart`s juice

Day of my life!
Sun setting still
The flood of dark embraces gold
Warm breathing rocks

Day of my life! Fading to an end
Your love`s purple rapture
Your last hesitating bliss

Golden cheerfulness arrive!
Silence of death
Most secret sweetest art anticipate
Let`s unite to face the gods

Seventh solitude
Never felt so close
To this lovely security
Warmer that my beaming sun

Only wave and joy around
Sank into blue oblivion
Storm and ride
How to forget essence of mine?
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