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фотография Tsatthoggua

Название :

2000 V Kum

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    black metal   hyperspeed black metal   german black metal   german   germany

Видео: Tsatthoggua -  2000 V Kum  

Next millennium when sun and
Moon will congruent
Together irradiate the dark
We will raging war
Against the christian race
Powered by nothern winds

Might of fire shall overcome
Them man calling Christians
Icy coldness of the moon
Shall make you fight for life
For lies you are intruding
Sold them for your wealth

Earth shall consume a race
For committing homicide
The Deluge shall sentence
Your life an end
For that what you have done

It is hate, hate, more than hate
Putting forth our souls
It is hate, hate, more than hate
Pronouncing our way

With fulfillment we proclaim
We are the messengers of hell
Sons of Lucifer we stay
Borea`s force shall guide
To fighting weed and prey

Brothers, sisters of Thule
Let`s take the declaration of war
Against weakness, love and faith
In final blasphemy
We shall take your ancient world
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