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фотография Tsatthoggua

Название :

Hosanna bizarre

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    black metal   hyperspeed black metal   german black metal   german   germany

Видео: Tsatthoggua -  Hosanna bizarre  

Dungeons see our dark desires
Far away from life
We must bow to blackening joy
Falling deep into romancing fires

Let us sink to worlds beyond
Where hurting love control
Fascinated by the peaks of lust
No time shall steal our whipping plays

Hosanna! Hosanna to the arts
Hosanna! Hosanna to our love
Hosanna! Hosanna lust and pain

Growing role of punisher
Piching breast and vagina
Slashing back and calfs
got engaged through the bizarre

Tied by beloved chains
Strapped to ground and ecstasy
The Black God fills our souls within
Erotic gift of Lucifer

Hosanna! Hosanna to red lips
Hosanna! Hosanna to black masks
Hosanna! Hosanna angel of our lust

Bound in minds forever now
Never to forget this endless dream
Hosanna and Victoria, calling from afar
Overwhelming death and stars

Hosanna! Hosanna to bizarre
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