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фотография Nonpoint

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    nu metal   metal   hard rock   rock   nu-metal

Видео: Nonpoint -  Mindtrip  

You`re about to take a mindtrip so get your
ticket stamped pack you`re thoughts up and
set your self to rant and rave
I`ll pave the way and clear a path for all the
aftermath that`s gonna happen when these verses
hit you`re bony ass bon-voyage I`ll check you
later now check your reason was it all for pleasing
or was it all misleading or do you need a guide
brother check your side I`m gonna take you on a joy ride.
Trip inside your mind feels good and SePaRaTe YOURSeLF.
It feels real good I think it kicked in another 12 hours
I`ll be back again and the vitamin C is making me
see the visual dreams all of the color and schemes
the visual dreams the light from the moon screams,
shuttering laughing to breath. SePaRaTe YOURSeLF.
I`m gonna take you on a mindtrip. SePaRaTe YOURSeLF.
This never-ending story is ending finally in the scheme
of things the ways of life you step into the pit of
the heart the mind body and soul these Griffin roles
you should be playing them alone jester jokes told
again and then you say we`re friends well I`m
laughing and I`m coughing set me off and check the character
of this cartoon delusions you`re seeing are comin` real soon
trip again you`re my only friend I wanna trip again. SePaRaTe YOURSeLF.
Look inside your gonna find me there looking for your simple pleasures.

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