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фотография Nonpoint

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    nu metal   metal   hard rock   rock   nu-metal

Видео: Nonpoint -  Victim  

A simple system, mind control losing your soul in
this fight that you started now you`re left broken
hearted shot down off a cloud for being so dumb
you do everything you could for just a little more fun.
But now consequence is coming no use to start your
running you`re a ship out to see and I`m a storm cloud forming.
Oh my God what have I done please forgive me
I feel so hated so aggravated so frustrated can`t explain
it the way that I feel I feel so numb preferred to run then face
the fact stabbed your back I`m a victim slipping through the system.
Listen to me real slow I know that you`re just dying to know
the wrong direction where ever you were trying to go the intersection
I met you at a quarter to one to listen to what you like doing for fun.
You had to learn the hard way and I taught you, you had to take the long
road I never did but I`m all numb preferred to run the face the fact,
I stabbed your back I understand that did not deserve that you can`t go
back can`t you see it God what have I done please forgive me...
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