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фотография Nonpoint

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    nu metal   metal   hard rock   rock   nu-metal

Видео: Nonpoint -  Endure  

Even with a diagram of My DNA I leave scientists
baffled `till the end of the day they try to pick
apart My life-style and how I survive making money
for the boss while I make nickel and dime, and
being on time takin` a punch and doin` My best,
not ever hearing good job and staying upset it
doesn`t take to much to find the sediments they left behind.
Put down the book put up the walls I`m never givin` up at
all what`s yours is yours, what`s Mine is yours
and I`ll mature. Endure. Not even with ten men holding
Me back not even with a devious planned attack contemplating
every move that I play willing the bad things all away
keeping the worry-free happiness philosophy that`s what
I let them see when they try to look at Me. Don`t want out.
These issues arise everyday, though you try to turn your
head and walk away, though it leaves you feeling insecure
you`re gonna feel your life mature. Endure
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