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фотография 112

Название :

It`s Over Now

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    rnb   hip-hop   soul   r and b   hip hop

Видео: 112 -  It`s Over Now  

What is this?
Numbers in your pocket.
I remember when you, use to throw those things away.
Why do you wanna keep in touch now.
Who gave you a reason, to act so shady.
Baby you know you can call me anytime
Anything you needed I would give it to you. That`s how much I
cared for you.
Wanna act now, never call me back now, turning off your cell
phone, girl you know it aint cool.
I don`t understand..
Baby it`s a shame we gotta go thru this
Cuz we can`t even talk now,
We don`t even kiss.
I never wouldda thought we`d be
breaking up like this.
But it`s over now, it`s over now.

You think that I don`t know what`s going on, cuz your always home alone.
And I`m always out of town.
You need to stop trying to play me, cuz you can`t even fade me.
I know you`re messin around.
Chorus 2x.
Baby it`s a shame, a shame that we go thru, the things that we
go thru, when
you`re in love with me and I`m in love with you.I thinkl that
we should talk about our problem instead of running away. Oh
baby it`s a shame, we couldn`t work it out, forgot what love
was all about it. And the feelings we had from the start, my
heart will always be with you.
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