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фотография 112

Название :


Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    rnb   hip-hop   soul   r and b   hip hop

Видео: 112 -  Anywhere  

[Featuring Zane Copeland Jr.]
Here we are all alone
You and me, privacy
And we can do anything
Your fantasy
I wanna make your dreams come true
Can you hear?
She`s calling me
Between your legs
Loud and clear
I wanna talk back to her
Make love to her
I wanna hear you scream my name
1 - We can make love in the bedroom
Floating on top of my waterbed
I`m kissing you
Running my fingers through your hair
In the hallway making our way beside the stairs
Making love anywhere
I can love you in the shower
Both of our bodies dripping wet
On the patio we can make a night you won`t forget
On the kitchen floor
As I softly pull your hair
We can do it anywhere, anywhere
I love the way your body feels
On top of mine so take your time
We`ve got all night
Girl, you know
I like it slow
And I know you like it too, baby
Please don`t stop I feel it now
You feel it, too
You`re shivering
Ooh, you`re pulling me close to you
Just let it flow
There`s no other place to go
Repeat 1
Z too hot to stop
So we goin` from the bedroom to the floor
Let you know whether I`m gonna miss you when I`m on tour
When our tongues touch
Have a playboy sing it much
Roll a Dutch, let me tell you it turns me on
When 112 sing to you
What kinda feeling do it bring to you?
I bump hard till you say I`m being mean to you
I know the ice Roley game to you
A true player`s what I seem to you
And if you want it
We can do it in the Black 500
Wit` the top down
In overdrive when we ride cuz I`m hot now
You got goin`, I don`t think I`mma stop now
Z feinin` like a criminal on lock-down
So let`s get away the ghetto way
You gettin` hot baby, please don`t run away
I got a crib on the beach in Palmetto-way
Here`s your purse and key, so let me
Repeat 1 until fade

Thanks to: jannunz@netaxis.com

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