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фотография 112

Название :

Come See Me (Remix)

Данные: текст песни / слова песни

Жанры :    rnb   hip-hop   soul   r and b   hip hop

Видео: 112 -  Come See Me (Remix)  

[Featuring Black Rob]
Baby come see me, come see me
I wanna hold you when you`re next to me
Can`t you see
I need you here with me
Come see me, come see me
I wanna hold your body next to me
Can`t you see, I need you here
Verse One
How could you do this thang
When I been thinking of you
Girl in your heart you know you don`t feel this way
Just let me touch you babe
And let me hold you real tight
Every time I`m with you, it feels so right
Verse Two
Maybe you think I`m crazy for falling in love with you
Girl every time you stall my heart falls for you
No matter how you turn, it all comes down to one thing
I wanna be with you so right now come see me
Verse Three: Black Rob
You can come see me and all your worldly desires will be free
As I lick you down from your head to your feet
Milk baths talking champagne sips and suds
And once I crash the board, you show me nothing but love
To the fullest
I`m getting money, can`t be sweating bullets
In the hotel suite filet mignon to eat
Think about it, like Puff Daddy say You`ll See
Let`s make it real all you gotta do is come see me
Baby, I need your love
Let`s stay together forever
Girl if you give me the chance
Just let me show you real love
Oh I`ll do anything
I`ll show you real love
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